Thursday, June 11, 2009

Upcoming plans with Jacob

Jacob is going to be a very very busy baby soon. Tomorrow we go for his 2 month well check up with Dr. Roads. He will get his shots. I am very nervous and I am not sure that I will be able to stay in the room. I hate to see Jacob in pain. I hope he handles it better than I think he will. I am ready for the afternoon and night tomorrow. I have been told that most babies are really fussy after their shots. Although I am taking a test for my degree early early Saturday morning. So hopefully Jacob will feel better than most babies. After the test, I am going to spend the day doing laundry and packing for the two of us because Jacob and I are going to Dallas on Sunday. We have a 7:30 a.m. flight on Sunday to Dallas. I am so excited about going to Dallas but very nervous about flying with him. If anyone has any tips please let me know. Jacob and I will be in Dallas from SUnday June 14 through June 28 which is a full 2 weeks. Nate is driving to Dallas with DOlly on June 20th and we will drive the 10 hour drive back. This will be Jacob's first road trip. We will see how that goes. THis is what is coming up and I am nervous about it all. I am sure things will go great but still nervous but it. Any tips from anyone would be great!
A couple of pics from this past weekend with Nate's Parents:

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  1. the only thing i can think of is make sure during take off and landing that he has a pacifier in his mouth, so that his ear pop. :) Good Luck!!!