Sunday, December 26, 2010

More videos

Happy feet
This is a really cute video. It's fairly long (about 2 minutes) but it's worth watching the whole thing, particularly at marker 1:53. Jacob is obsessed with the hot dog song that ends each episode of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. He will stop whatever he's doing, wherever he is in the house, and run to the TV when he hears the music start.

Jacob helps "clean up"
Jacob loves cleaning up; we trained him well. In this video, taken over the summer in a Texarkana, Texas, hotel room on our way to Galveston, Jacob discovered the tissue dispenser. He started to remove them one by one and hand them to Erin. I don't know if this was just a game or if he thought he was cleaning up the room. A toddler's naivety is our entertainment.

Jacob learns to feed himself
This video is from August -- at the height of Jacob's new found independence -- when he decided he wanted to feed himself. Needless to say that was the last time we spoon fed him anything (in his high chair). Now he's getting the hang of sticking his food with a fork. Don't think we'll let him use a knife anytime soon, though.

Jacob sucks through a straw
Erin was really excited he finally learned to suck through a straw.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

New videos

I'm finally getting caught up on cleaning out the video camera. Keep checking back this week for more videos.

Jacob meets Mr. Potato Head
It's amazing to watch Jacob fit pegs in to small holes. He gets frustrated, but for a 21-month-old, he exhibits incredible determination and concentration.

A fun evening with Jacob
What Erin thought at time of recording would be a boring video has turned into one of my favorites. I was hoping to record Jacob and Dolly playing, but what transpired was much more entertaining.

Here's another one of my favorites. There have been a few videos where you can see Dolly snap at Jacob. Hopefully this video will dispel any notions that Jacob's isn't safe around her. She really is very good with him; she just gets annoyed at times and reacts like anyone would who's constantly poked, prodded, hit and targeted by a book-throwing toddler.

It's snow time
This last video is of Jacob playing outside after our recent snow storm. Unfortunately it was too cold and windy to stay out for a long time. He was less than pleased, to put it mildly, when we brought him inside. None of that is on the video, though.