Sunday, June 21, 2009

first part of Dallas

So Jacob and I have been in Dallas for a week now and it has been busy! Jacob and I flew to Dallas last Sunday and he was WONDERFUL! I was able to gate check the carseat and the stroller which was very convenient for me to be able to push the stroller around the airport instead of carrying him. I fed him a bottle going up in the air so his ears wouldn't pop and he fell right asleep and slept the whole plane trip. He finally woke up when we got home to my parents house. About 4 hours after we got home we had a "meet the baby party" so everyone could come over and meet baby Jacob. It was a lot of fun to see everyone and catch up with people. Jacob was a little fussy but he had a long day that day. Throughout the week we have been having lunches and dinners with people so they can meet my little man. Its been a long week but very fun. I know that my parents, Nana and Papa and uncle David, have had a wonderful time with Jacob. Nate and Dolly drove to Dallas yesterday and we are so glad to have them in Dallas. Father's Day has been very relaxing. My mom made us breakfast this morning and then Nate and I took a 3 hour nap while my mom played with Jacob. It was nice to catch up on sleep for once. TOnight we are going to listen to a band and eat a little dinner. Very excited. We leave for houston tomorrow to meet the other side of the family and this will be Jacob's first road trip. I know he will be wonderful.

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  1. That sounds like SO much fun!! :) I am glad he had a good airplane trip. Good luck on the car trip. :)