Friday, June 5, 2009

A little update on the Baby

We have been finding out a lot about baby Jacob. Last week, May 27, at my 6 week appointment at my OBGYN, I changed Jacob's diaper and found some blood in his stool. :( I felt so bad for him and didnt know why he was bleeding. I called his Dr. and we made an appt. for the next day. Jacob's pediatrician, Dr. Roads, told us that I need to completely cut dairy out of my diet because Jacob might have a cow milk allergy. It is hard to cut dairy out of your diet but I felt like i did a good job. They weighed him then and he already weighed 9 pounds and 12 ounces. I couldnt believe that my baby was almost 10 pounds. Throughout the week he has been happier and very smiley and not have as many tummy aches. On Tuesday, June 2, I noticed Jacob's right eye was very glossy and teary and had a lot of goop in it. I call his Dr. again and told me that he has a blocked tear duct and a little bit of pink eye. I had to put drops in his eyes and massage his tear duct everyday. It now looks a lot better. Today, June 5, we went back to the Dr. for a follow up appointment and Jacob was weighed again. He now weighs 10 pounds and 5 ounces. He is such a little oinker. HAHA. He is gaining a lot of weight but Dr. was not worried about it at all. We figured out that he does have an allergy so dairy is completely out of my diet until I stop nursing. He is feeling much better though so I am happy to do whatever it takes to make sure my baby is happy and smiley. I finally got that feeling of being a mom when making sure that Jacob feels good and his tummy feels better and his eye gets better. It is a wonderful feeling and love every minute of being a mom. He is now taking a nap while I clean because my inlaws are coming this weekend. Will update with pictures next week of our weekend with Bubbe, Zadie, and Aunt Heather.

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