Monday, June 29, 2009

Things we have noticed lately about Jacob

1. Jacob is such a smiler. He loves to smile. He will smile at you or at a picture. It doesnt matter, he just loves to smile. He smiles with his mouth closed and with his mouth opened

2. He is starting to laugh. Right now its a gasp/laugh. He tries to breathe in when he laughs and it sounds like a big gasp but it is a laugh.

3. Jacob has become very talkative. He squeals high pitched sounds when he is talking and he also "hoo's" a lot. This is exactly what should be happening now at his age. This is the beginning of communication.

4. He absolutely loves to take baths. He has started to splash in the water and kick his legs. He laughs and smiles when he splashes water onto his face. Its so funny to watch.

5. Jacob has started to sleep through the night. He sleeps the best on his tummy. Even though this is not very safe, we are aware of what we are doing and make sure he is fine throughout the night.

6. He has noticed his reflection in the mirror. In Nate's truck there is a mirror that we attached to the head rest of the middle seat so we can watch Jacob in the rear view mirror. He loves to look into the mirror and talk to himself.

7. He is really lifting his head high when he is placed on the ground. He has yet to rollover on purpose but is lifting his head high

8. He is starting to notice objects. For example, he will stare at the fan and then look away for a few seconds and then look back at the fan to make sure its still there. Also, he gets fixated on objects. He will find a picture or a painting on the wall and will just stare at it for a long time. Also, he watched his first fireworks show and he stared at them the whole time.

9. If we put an object in his hand, he will grasp it and hold on to it for a long time. He is not grabbing at objects yet but will hold objects in his hand.

10. Jacob is finding his hands. Many times we have seen him put his hands to his mouth. I bet he will become a thumb sucker soon.

11. We have noticed that he is starting to drool. I guess this is the first step in teething.

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  1. If Jacob like staring at paintings you need to frame the Van Gogh print from Amsterdam. He will love the shapes of the leaves.