Friday, June 12, 2009

Two-month checkup

Jacob had his two-month checkup today. We are proud to say that boy can eat! He's now up to 10 pounds, 10 ounces, and is on track according to his growth percentage chart. He's gained 4 pounds since his birth. He now also measures 22 inches. Other than a little flabbiness starting to hang over his diaperline, Jacob's not really accumulating the baby fat rolls. The doctor said breastfed babies typically maintain a leaner (scrawny?) physique. So it looks like we'll be raising another David -- probably not as tall, though.

Jacob also got his first round of shots. Erin had to leave the room. It was probably a good decision. I have never heard him scream so loud! But before either of us realized, the nurse had administered all three shots. Mommy came back in to coddle baby, but he really took it like a man. Within minutes, he stopped crying and fell asleep. That NICU definitely made him a tough little guy.

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