Monday, June 29, 2009

Second part of Dallas and trip to Houston

Fathers day was so much fun. We relaxed all day and went to dinner at a cuban restaurant. Then, we went to a park and had some fun. Jacob was able to swing and go down the slide. This time next year he will enjoy it more. My mom, Jacob, Nate, and I drove to Houston to visit family. This was Jacob's first road trip. He did wonderful. He slept for most of the time.

We went to visit Jacob's great grandparents, Great Nana and grandpa. Of course they loved him.

We stayed at Aunt Paula's and we had a wonderful family dinner that night. The next day we met up with Paula and Mike for lunch and loved the baby as well.

That night, Paula held a Sip n See to meet the baby. Jacob did very well. All of this attention made Jacob very tired and he ended up sleeping the WHOLE NIGHT! First time sleeping through the night and he has continued every night. It it so nice to get 6-7 hours of straight sleep. We drove home from Houston and spent the rest of the time in Dallas hanging with friends and going to a Rough Rider baseball game. It was very hot but Jacob loved it.

We drove home and it took us 12 hours but it is nice to know that Jacob travels very well!

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