Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Jacob's sick.

Jacob has his first cold. This is one milestone we could've done without.

Over the past two days, Erin and I probably have slept for a combined 10 hours. Every time we put him down in his crib, his stuffy nose wakes him up before we can get comfortable in our own bed. Add to that his four-month wakeful period (topic for another blog) and we've got a wide-eyed baby at 3 a.m. who wants to play but also is in discomfort. It sucks. at the same time, though, both of us feel really bad for the little guy. He has absolutely no idea why he's hot, his nose is runny and his eyes are watery.

Erin took Jacob to the doctor Wednesday evening. He had a temperature of 100, but no fever. The doctor told us to give him saline drops, which will help clear his nose and throat. Hopefully he'll get better soon.


  1. that is so sad! it is hard to not be able to take all the pain away! hope he gets better soon!!