Wednesday, August 12, 2009

4 months already. WOW

Jacob is already 4 months old! Wow! Crazy. Developmentally and physically he is right where he should be. YAY! Here is a checklist that I found to make sure that he is doing everything a 4 month old baby should be doing:

* sits with support, back is rounded-----CHECK
* begins to support body with legs when held in standing position-----CHECK
* rolls from back to front and front to back by 6 months------- BACK TO FRONT
* moves object from one hand to other-----NOT YET
* grabs feet and toes when lying on back-----CHECK
* makes "swimming" motions with arms and legs when placed on abdomen---CHECK
* begins drooling (not always a sign of teething)-----CHECK
* naps two to three times a day, for one to three hours each (on average---CHECK
* begins to sleep longer at night (six to eight hours consistently)-----CHECK
* has full color vision, able to see at longer distances-----CHECK
* coos and gurgles when talked to, or in response to toys-----CHECK
* babbles, begins to imitate sounds’-----BABBLES BUT NOT IMITATE
* by 6 months, makes single syllable sounds (da, ma, ba)---------NOT YET
* laughs-----GETTING THERE
* squeals-----CHECK
* blows bubbles or "raspberries"-----CHECK
* recognizes familiar things and people-----CHECK
* may hold out arms to be picked up-----STARTING TO
* begins to learn concept of object permanence (i.e., a partially hidden object under a blanket is still there)------I AM NOT TOO SURE
* may show displeasure when object or person goes away-----CHECK
* may recognize his/her own name-----I THINK SO
* may begin to understand "no"-----NOT YET.. THANK GOODNESS

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