Friday, August 14, 2009

Jacob's latest discovery

Call him Columbus 'cause Jacob's discovering all kinds of uncharted territory by accident.

Jacob was lying in his bouncer on Friday entertaining himself when suddenly I heard music playing from the plastic frog that dangles above him. The frog plays a song when you pull its cord. I quickly turned my head and realized Jacob had set it off. I run to grab the camera, hoping to catch him on video. Lo and behold he did it again... and again... and again... and again once more!

At first his hand just happened to get caught in the frog's pullcord as he was swatting at the other hanging objects, but I think each subsequent pull was a conscious effort.

It's amazing to watch him focus on the task at hand and really control his right arm to grab the plastic ring. At the end of the video, he grabs the other objects, as well as his feet.

He's growing up so fast!

*Warning: The song may remain in your head the rest of the day.

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