Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Its been a while since we have updated the blog and I am so sorry about that. A Lot has been happening in our life and have not had a lot of time to sit down and blog.

1. We closed on our house! YAY! Its wonderful and Perfect and we love it

2. Jacob got sick on Thursday with a stomach bug. He had a high fever and had to pick him up from Daycare early. He came with us on Friday to close on our house and was so sick that we left and went to see the pediatrician. She told us that he has a double ear infection, double pink eye, and a 102.3 fever. Poor baby. He was very cheery and smiley though. He is on a lot of antibiotics and feeling much better.

3. I am applying for new jobs closer to Smyrna and its been kind of crazy

4. Jacob turns 1 on Saturday and I have been cleaning for family coming in town and finishing up last minute things for Jacob's Birthday Party

5. Jacob is talking more and more everyday. He has such a cute little voice and loves to whisper a lot.

6. Nate has started his new job in Murfreesboro and now lives at the new house during the week. I miss him so much. He took Dolly with him and I miss her sooo much too! Its hard getting the baby ready all by myself but we are dealing with it and I havent' been late yet!

Thats all I can think of. Update later with a video of a tour of our new house led by the man of the house, Jacob and pics of Jacob's Bday party/weekend

FInish this post of with some pics

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