Friday, April 30, 2010

Birthday video is here!

I finally got around to uploading the video from Jacob's birthday. Sorry about the delay, but this past month has been really hectic with my new job. I'm only in Clarksville on the weekends so videos between now and the end of May might be sparse, but Erin and are doing our best to keep up with the blog.

Jacob is still experiencing milestones every day so keep checking back to see what we're up to. He just went to the doctor for his 12-month checkup. It was his last time to see Dr. Roads. He is such a great pediatrician. It's going to be tough trying to find someone who is as helpful, understanding and easy to talk to as Dr. Roads.

Quick update: Jacob is still a little guy. His height (29") is in the 18th percentile, his weight (19.1 lbs) is in the third percentile and his head still barely exists in the one percentile. We're thinking he's going through a big growth spurt, though, because he's been eating like a pig lately, scarfing down anything we put in front of his face. He's also one pound shy of legally being able to face forward in his car seat. That's going to be one of the most exciting days in Jacob's life!

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