Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Jacob is 1 Year Old

Can you believe it?? I certainly can not believe that my sweet son is a TODDLER. I have been told many times, "Welcome to the life of having a Toddler". As soon as he turned one, things have changed. I dont know why all of a sudden. He has been acting like a toddler. He throws huge temper tantrums when he doesn't get his way. I talked to the doctor about it and he says that is completely normal. It is his way of communicating with me. All I do is ignore him when he throws these tantrums.

Jacob's Birthday weekend was WONDERFUL! My parents came to visit from Dallas on that Thursday before his birthday and Nate's Parents/sister came to visit on that Friday. We had lots of family time. On Saturday, April 10, we threw Jacob a birthday party at Chick-fil-a. We chose this place because our house in La Vergne has no furniture and the house in Clarksville is way to small for 25 people and has boxes everywhere. We thought it was easier to choose Chick-fil-a. It was so much fun. SO many great friends and family were there. We started off with Chicken and fruit salad (that I made, not Chick-fil-a's) and then the Chick-fil-a cow came out to say happy birthday to Jacob. Next we lit the "1" candle and sang happy birthday to Jacob. He was so shy about it. He kept turning his head away from everyone as we sang to him. He loved his cake but didnt appreciate the icing all over his hands. He wasn't very messy about it until I dipped his face into it. I needed some pics of a messy cake eater. After cake we opened presents and it was so much fun. He got so many nice things. Lots of clothes and fun new toys to play with. One of the funniest gifts he got was the butterfly bluejean cutoff shorts from John. Ricky bought the gift for John, so John didnt know what he was getting Jacob for his birthday. As soon as I opened the gift and saw the butterfly shorts I knew it was a joke but thought John pulled the joke, not Ricky. But now that I go back to watch the video, John's face is so red. So hilarious. After gifts we cleaned up and went home. Jacob was EXhausted. A birthday party for a little boy is exhausting. BUt it as a HUGE SUCCESS!

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  1. Hey! Stopping by from the bump. :)

    You son is so cute! Happy 1 year year (and some) little guy! The pictures look like the party was a blast!!

    Your family is adorable. So sad I'm just getting to 6-12 and you're leaving. Have fun on the next board!!

    I'm mrsbird1129 and my Rosemary just turned 6 months yesterday. I'll check back to see how Jacob is doing though!