Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Flood Craziness!

Wow! Thats about all I can say about all of the floods going on in the middle Tennessee area. Its incredibly devastating. Fortunately we are very lucky and were not personally affected by the deadly storms/floods.
On Saturday, May 1, 2010 I had a job fair in Murfreesboro. I found a job that i want so bad. Its at a school that is about 3 miles from the new house and its a Pre-K Teacher position. She sounded interested in me so hopefully i will get an interview. It was pouring outside and I was drenched at the job fair. I walked outside afterwards and it was still pouring. It was raining even harder. Nate and I went to the new house to paint the guest room. A good friend of mine, Rachael, babysat Jacob for the day. We finished painting the guest room a pretty yellow color and decided to leave around 3:00ish to head back to Clarksville to pick up Jacob. Also, Dolly was with us and we just needed to get home before the storms got worse. We got in the car and drove around the neighborhood and most of the lawns already were flooding. We got to Sam Ridley PKWY (the main street in Smyrna) and it was completely flooded. When we got onto the highway, there was horrible traffic. It was awful. We finally drove 6 miles in 1 hour. We got up to the problem that was causing the traffic and we saw a huge lake in the middle of the interstate and cars were not able to drive through that. SOme Semi's were trying to drive through it but other cars tried and got stuck. So we turned around and spent another couple of hours just tryin to figure out where we were and figuring out another way to get back to Clarksville. We were going to go back to La Vergne and wait out the storms but we heard on the radio that they were not letting people back into La Verge/Smyrna area. There were tornado sirens going off and they were already under a State of Emergency. But THanks to our wonderful Handy Dandy GPS, we found another way and finally after 4 hours on the road we were on our way back to clarksville. I have never seen anything to horrible before. I think the worse part of my experience with all of this was the idea that I couldnt get home to Jacob. There was too much water inbetween Jacob and I. We got home safely with Jacob and woke up SUnday morning with more storms and more rain. Clarksville ended up with over 8 inches of rain and Nashville ended up wth over 15 inches of rain. I didnt have school for 3 days and finally going back tomorrow but no school for the students. This is something that the Tennesseans will never forget. Flood of 2010. INSANE!

This picture is in Smyrna which is about 2 miles from our new house

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