Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mothers Day

This was the best day and I will never forget my first Mother's Day.
We have recently started to give Jacob a bottle once a day because I am going back to work next week and want him to be used to the bottle by that time. So Nate woke up and fed him a bottle early, so I didnt have to wake up. The boys let me sleep till 9:30. It was so nice to sleep late. I was woken up with breakfast in bed and my baby wearing a "I love Mommy" onsie that Nate found and put on him.

We relaxed in bed till around 11ish. It was relaxing to just lay in bed with my family and not have to get up to do anything. We got up and ran some errands and grabbed some lunch. We decided to take a walk on the riverwalk. It was beautiful outside.

We left the park and went home to take naps. I went to get my nails done while Nate took care of him. When I got home, Nate and I grilled some steaks and watched a movie.
It was a wonderful day/night with my family.

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