Saturday, May 9, 2009

Jacob's Bris

Jacob had his Bris and Baby Naming this past Monday May 4th. Since he was in the hospital for a bit after he was born, we had to postpone his Bris. The Bris was beautiful. Nate's parents (Bubbe and Zedie), Aunt Heather, Nate's Uncle Jeff and cousin Rebecca all came in town for the Bris. Ricky also joined us for the ceremony as well. Of course I was extremely nervous the night before and the morning of the Bris. We arrived at the Shul (West End Synagogue) and set everything up before it all started. The Cantor and the Mohel were there. We sat around for a bit taking pictures and getting Jacob ready. I fed him a bottle and some baby Tylenol before getting started. As soon as I walked back into the room the Mohel asked for me to hand Jacob over and I broke down crying. I did not want my baby to hurt through this procedure. I sat in the front, Ricky and Heather took pictures. Uncle Jeff brought Jacob in so we could begin. The Cantor and Mohel sang some prayers and Nate did a beautiful job reading his hebrew portion. Sid, Nate's dad, put a pillow on his lap and the Mohel placed Jacob on the pillow for the procedure. While he was in the process Robin, Nate's mom, gave him wine so he would not feel a lot of the pain. Weird enough, Nate did the snipping. He did a great job. I covered my eyes and cried the whole time. I could not watch anything and hated to hear Jacob cry so hard because I could not comfort him. After it was over, Nate handed me Jacob so I could finally comfort him. I felt so bad for him. We proceeded with the Baby Naming and then the ceremony came to an end. Jacob was not a happy camper but 20 minutes later he fell asleep and slept for 6-7 hours straight. It was a wonderful day and could not ask for a better Bris.
Jacob is a perfect Jew now!

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