Thursday, May 14, 2009

Jacob + Dolly = BFF

Everyone we talk to asks how Dolly has reacted to Jacob. For those of you who have yet to meet Dolly, she is our 60-pound, 2-year-old black Lab/terrier mix. So far she's handled having to share the spotlight fairly well. There are times we can tell she feels left out, like when Erin and I are playing with Jacob on the bed or exerting all our energy toward stifling one of his late-night tantrums. When she's feeling left out -- or annoyed by the crying -- she'll often crawl under the bed, sleep in the hall or go into the nursery by herself and lie under the crib. I try to play with her as much as I can while Erin's feeding or doing something else with Jacob.

One morning the three of us were lying in bed when Dolly crawled out from under it and headed toward the hallway. Erin yelled "Good morning, Dolly!" She looked at us and kept walking, as if to say "Yea, whatever. You probably didn't even know I was in the room." It was hilarious, but we also felt really bad for her.

As for safety, Dolly is very gentle with Jacob. Dolly is a jumper and is very hyper and playful, but her Lab gene kicks in when she's around Jacob. She's constantly licking his feet and hands and never jumps up when we're holding him. She runs away, though, when we try to lean Jacob against her and have him sit on her like a horse. Hopefully that'll change by the time he can sit up on his own so we can get some cute pictures.

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