Monday, May 31, 2010

New crib

I'd like to share a moment of silence for a dear member of our family.

Jacob's crib did not survive the cross-mid-state move from Clarksville to La Vergne. The crib made the 80-mile journey safely in the back of the truck, through the front door, around the narrow hallway, and that's where it stopped. It couldn't fit through Jacob's door.

Its time with us ended there, just across the threshold from its new home.

We decided to take it apart in an attempt to salvage the year-old crib. As we began to dismantle its delicate frame, the plastic clips that lock the drop-down side snapped off. Even if we were able to figure out how to reassemble the crib sans instructions, Reassembling it at this point would have left us with a faulty crib. With the recalls and discontinuation of these cribs, we decided to call its time of death at 5:30 p.m. and rush out to buy an emergency replacement before Jacob's bedtime.

It wasn't the best crib in the world, but it lasted longer than either of us originally thought. We never worried about the drop-down side collapsing — even with Jacob's constant banging and Dolly occasionally resting her paws on it to peer down at jacob — because we never used it for its intended purpose. We always simply reached over the side.

We weren't thrilled about having to spend the money on a new crib but ultimately we're happy we did. The new crib looks similar, but the absence of a drop-down side makes it much sturdier and leaves us feeling even more confident in its safety.

Jacob's new crib is much sturdier, and safer, than his old one.

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