Monday, September 7, 2009

Visit to Chicago

We're going to try our hardest to update the blog as often as possible because each day brings something new to Jacob's life and development.

That said, let me start by updating y'all on our recent trip to Chicago for my cousin's wedding. It was Jacob's first time in the Windy City and a first for much of my side of the family to meet him.

We flew in early Friday morning. It was Jacob's second time on a plane. The little frequent flyer is becoming a pro. Hopefully he'll learn from our mistake and get to the airport EEAARRLLYY when traveling with an infant! We got to the check-in counter about an hour before our plane took off but we hit a bit of a snag because we didn't have paperwork that verified Jacob was under two years old. Yes, you read that right. Southwest plays strictly by the rules. The check-in lady knew he was way under 2, but she said they needed something on file so they don't get fined by the FAA. Luckily the lady was understanding and let us on. We just had to get the paperwork before we flew back to Nashville. It's stupid, but Southwest still is, in my opinion, the best airline.

Anyway, we fed him a bottle on the way up to prevent his ears from clogging. Instead of falling asleep, he played the whole time. He was great on the plane and impressed the guy sitting next to us, who loved watching him.

Jacob also behaved very well throughout the rest of the weekend. He has a great personality and is such a happy baby. We really glad everyone got to see that side of him.

While we were at the wedding, my Auntie Sue (my mom's longtime friend) and her daughter, Jill, babysat Jacob in our hotel room. We were elated to hear he was good without us (we think he might be developing separation anxiety.) Erin and I enjoyed a nice night out. We had a few drinks and didn't have to worry about diaper changes or feedings, but we just couldn't stop talking about Jacob. He's a big part of our lives. I guess that shows just how much we love the little booger.

To wrap up this long post, Jacob finally got to meet his other great-grandparents. It's amazing and a blessing that Jacob has five great-grandparents. My grandparents absolutely loved him and already had gifts on hand. They, along with some other family members, will get another opportunity to see him when we go back to Chicago at the end of October for my cousin's bat-mitzvah.

For those who made it this far, the next few posts will be much, much shorter. Some will just be pictures. Everyone likes to look at pictures.

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