Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Laying out poolside

Jacob spent his first time in a pool on Sunday. After a short storm, it turned into a nice day to sit outside with Jonathan, Rebecca and Dolly.

Erin bought this little inflatable pool from Wal-Mart that fills up about three inches of water. He loves sitting in his baby bathtub, splashing and kicking, but he really didn't know what to think of the pool. I guess he was a bit overwhelmed with its size compared to the tub. Maybe the sun made him tired or maybe he just didn't know what the heck he was standing in or why he was standing in it.

All that being said, Erin had to splash the water for him as he just sat in the pool. But it was still cute seeing him in his little swim trunks and full-brim hat. Hopefully he'll have more fun next time.

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