Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Jonathan and Rebecca visit Tenn.

Three months (to the day) after his birth, our good friends from college, Jonathan and Rebecca, finally met Jacob.

From the look on their faces, the wait -- and the eight-hour drive from Kansas City -- was well worth it. Although they probably wished they could have made it down for the birth, this stage in Jacob's life is a perfect time to meet him as he's developing a cute personality with his smiles, coos and pseudo-giggles.

They kept saying pictures didn't do justice to seeing him in person. It's true, for anyone who has yet to meet him :)

Jacob made a good first impression, too. He was very receptive to Rebecca taking him away from Erin as soon as they walked through the door. Often he'll cry when a new person holds him (he might be developing a bit of separation anxiety), but he was all smiles as Rebecca held him Friday evening, and he loved looking at Jonathan's Simpsons shirt, grabbing his finger and cooing at his funny faces.

Rebecca just couldn't get enough of the little guy. Saturday morning she fed him a bottle, put him down for a nap, changed several diapers and gave gave us lot of time to rest our arms. She's definitely ready to be a mom, though none of the diapers she changed was poopy. But I'm sure even Mother Theresa didn't possess an innate love for that parental obligation. Jonathan also showed his soft side as he practiced his baby-talk voice and volunteered at times to hold him.

Hopefully Jacob will soon have his first honorary cousin!

We're glad they came down to visit. Despite the rain, it was a very nice and relaxing weekend.

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  1. We loved every minute of being with Jacob. It went by too fast and the next time can't come soon enough.

    Hugs and Kisses!!!

    Aunt Becca and Uncle Jonny