Sunday, June 12, 2011

No allergies?

And so continues the metabolic mystery of Jacob Karlin. Steadfast speculation surrounding Jacob's slow weight gain engrosses our family, leaving us more worried every time a new dietary technique fails to pack on the pounds.

Last week's visit to an allergist in Nashville only added to our guessing game.

Apparently, Jacob does not have a food allergy. Every scratch test administered at the doctor's office came back negative.

Dairy? Nope.

Wheat? Nope.

Peanuts? Nope.

Seafood? Nope.

It'll be about another week before we receive the results from his blood work, but it looks like the reason behind Jacob's slow growth will remain an enigma. Maybe Jacob just has high—very high—metabolism. But when we think back to the inflamed allergy cell near his stomach, it makes us wonder if there's more at play than just burning calories at an extraordinary rate.

We're going to follow up with the GI specialist. We are very thankful the results of the allergy tests came back negative; we just hope someone can give us an answer—soon.

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