Tuesday, February 23, 2010

HUGE update

So Sorry that we havent updated the blog in almost 2 weeks. Its been busy and crazy and A LOT has happened since the last update. Well on Monday February 15 we decided to put an offer on the house that we LOVED! It was a little out of our budget but we didnt want anything else and it was just to perfect to pass up. We put our offer in and it came back a little more than what we wanted to pay BUT they were willing to pay all of our fees/closing costs and it was perfect for us. So we accepted the offer. YAY!!!!!! Then on Friday we had our inspection and it went great. There was nothing Majorly wrong like you see on the HGTV shows. We were very happy and so excited that we were able to see the house again. Of course we sat there planning where everything is going. Closing day is April 2nd (right before Jacob's Birthday). April 2nd can not come sooner. We are so excited! WE BOUGHT A HOUSE! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY! No more rent. No more townhouse. No more little room for Jacob and DOlly to play. This house has a HUGE backyard for dolls and Jacob to play. It also has a deck. Its going to be a fun summer. We are going to do a little remodeling in the kitchen and paint the rooms. But other than that..its pretty much move in ready.
The house is in LaVergne which is about 15 minutes south of Nahsville and Yes I wil be looking for another job. We are not going to actually move into the house till the end of May. I want to finish school before we move so Jacob and I don't have to commute.
Another big change in our life right now is that Jacob is starting Daycare on Monday. We found an inhome daycare that cares for only 7 children. He will be the youngest but I know he will have a great time with other children.
A few pics of the house.

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