Saturday, January 30, 2010


A lot has happened in the past few weeks. We GUESS Nate didnt get the job in Irving. He applied for a job in Irving, TX and even got the second interview. They told Nate they would let him know the week of Jan. 4th if he got the job and they never called. It has been a month now and we still dont know. Nate has called and emailed so many times but no one will contact us to let us know what is going on. VERY RUDE AND UNPROFESSIONAL if you ask me. So Nate and I decided to stick around Clarksville for a while longer and buy a house. We were very excited for our decision. I took Thursday off and we went with our realtor to look at houses and we found the PERFECT house and it was the perfect price. We were so excited and we were going to put an offer on it today. We really wanted a house by April 10 so we could have lots of people over for Jacob's birthday party.
That afternoon, Nate went to work early because they had a mandatory meeting. He called me after the meeting letting me know that he will be laid off March 9th. I immediately started to bawl. I hated crying so hard infront of Jacob but I couldnt help it. I was more upset that we werent going to buy a house anymore. He told me that the copy editing desk in Clarksville is moving to Murfreesboro, Tn which is 30 minutes south of Nashville and 1 1/2 hours south of Clarksville. He also told me that the copy editing desk in Jackson, Tn is also moving to Murfreesboro. Which means that there are 12 positions at Murfreesboro and 17 people who might apply. Of course Nate is going to apply for the job and he has an excellent chance of getting it. If so, then we will move to Nashville or Smyrna (which is a suburb of Nashville) and we will buy a house there. I hate leaving Clarksville but this is what we will have to do. If he does get the job then I will probably finish off the year teaching and apply for a teaching job in Nashville for the fall.
If Nate doesnt get this job in Murfreesboro then I have no idea what we will do. We will figure out something though. So please please please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we move onto the next part of our life. I will keep you updated when we know something about this new job.

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