Monday, January 11, 2010

9 months already

Jacob is 9 months. I cant believe my baby boy will be 1 yr old in 3 months. Where has time gone? He went in for his 9 month checkup appointment. He have a skinny baby on our hands. He weighs 16 lbs and 15 ounces. He gained 2 pounds in 3 months. BUT he grew almost 3 inches. He is 27 1/2 inches tall. I think he has David's gene where he can eat all he wants and never gain weight. Ugh.. how come I dont have that gene. Jacob is eating table foods. We give him some of whatever Nate and I are eating. He is standing by himself for a few seconds at a time. He is crawling everywhere and pulling up on everything. He also walks from furniture to furniture. It will be a few more weeks before he starts walking. His top two teeth are coming in and I will have to start brushing his teeth now. We are trying to teach Jacob to drink out of a cup but he hasn't caught on just yet. According to the Dr. he is right where he should be. Good news all around. Just a little update on the little man.

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