Saturday, December 24, 2011

OMG.. its been 2 months?

I am so sorry that its been almost 2 months since the blog has been updated. I bet you have missed adorable Jacob pics and videos.

The main thing that has changed with Jacob is that he is talking FULL sentences at all times. I love having conversations with Jacob. Its so much better than prompting him to say something. Also, he is super smart and has such a great memory. He remembers events that happened 2 months ago. He corrects me sometimes when I make a mistake. He is such a cutie patootie!

The bad news is that I am not longer having Karlin #2. :( We went for our first ultrasound and there was no heartbeat. We ended up having an ectopic pregnancy which my Dr. put me in the hospital for 4 days when we first found out about the ectopic pregnancy. I am slowly but surely getting better. We will hopefully have some good news on a possible baby #2 in the upcoming months. Check back every now and then for an announcement hopefully in the future!

Because I am not 100% better, my Dr. has told me to stay in town during Winter Break (just incase) so that means no Texas for me during the break. :( It is a tradition for us to be in Houston over break and celebrate Hanukkah together. Hopefully next year. This year we were invited to my friend Bri's house to celebrate Chrismakkah! We will be celebrating Christmas and Hanukkah and we are all super excited. Pics to come!

Thats about it. More to come!

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