Thursday, July 7, 2011

Team Jock-ob

Jacob has become a sports junkie. Baseball, soccer, football, basketball, golf, pool—he loves to play them all.

He's become obsessed with baseball after attending a couple minor league games this summer. He doesn't have the attention span to sit in a seat for three hours and watch the game along the baseline, but he does enjoy seeing the pitchers and hitters up close behind the plate. Since then, he always shouts "bayse ball!" when he sees it on TV.

He's surrounded sports. Erin's dad, of course, showed him how to throw a baseball—spitting and wind-up motions included. My sister bought him a soccer goal for his birthday, my parents bought him a soft Titans football that he likes to throw in the air and I'm teaching him to shoot a jumper... or at least how not to shoot a jumper. On recent trips, he got to experience golf and pool.

Here are several videos highlighting Jacob's athletic prowess. I hope coach Self is watching.

Jacob's Sweet J

Throwing the Heater


Hustling Pool

Putting Time

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