Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Is he growing?

Erin took Jacob to a special pre-2-year checkup on Tuesday. His pediatrician wanted to see him early to check his weight.

Two months ago he weighed 20.12 pounds. On Tuesday, he clocked in at... drum roll, please... 21.6! That's nearly a whole pound! Plus, it finally put him over the 21-pound hump.

Most people reading this will probably think 10 ounces... whoopity doo. But if you're familiar with Jacob's slow growth, you'd agree 10 ounces in two months is reason for a "huge" celebration.

But we're not out of the woods yet.

The pediatrician seemed relieved. She told Erin she saw three other kids before Jacob who had signs of failure to thrive. Still, Erin elected to have Jacob's blood drawn to test for Celiac Disease, kidney malfunction and other causes for stagnant growth.

Erin said the most difficult part of drawing Jacob's blood was not sticking a needle into the little boy's arm, but having to hold down the mobile munchkin for three minutes. He may be small, but he's a tough little guy.

We're expecting the Celiac results in a week. The pediatrician said she doesn't think he has it because he's gaining weight. We're going to keep our fingers crossed, anyway.

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