Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Jacob at 15 months

SOOOOO.. we took Jacob to his 15 month appt. with a new Pediatrician. I am not thrilled about it. We love love love Dr. Rhoads!!!! He is absolutely wonderful and def. spoiled with a great doctor. The new pediatrican was not kid friendly and seemed like she really didnt know what she was doing. We are going to try out a new pediatrician for his 18 month appt. Hopefully it will be better.

We are going to compare stats from 1 yr and 15 month appt

1 yr.- 19.1 lbs and 29 in. long
15 months- 19.9 lbs and 29.5 in. long

Jacob is having a hard time growing. The Dr. told us to not give him us much liquids and give him more meat. He eats wonderful at daycare so hopefully something will happen and he will go through some kind of growth spurt between now and his 18 month appt.

Also, the Doctor told us that Jacob is a little delayed in speech and asked if we wanted to do a hearing test. We decided to wait till his 18 month appt and see how many words he can say then. At that time he was saying 3 words when he should be saying 5-7 words. He was saying mama, dada, and Hi.
Now, Jacob can say talk a lot but having a hard time getting the consonants out. He can say all gone but cant say the consonants with it.. he can also say night night but with out the consonants. I am a little worried so I have scheduled a hearing test for next week and see what we need to do. Since scheduling the hearing test, he now says 2 more words. He says bye-bye and ball. So hopefully he will be ok and wont need Tubes!.. other than that.. he is an extremely healthy boy!
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  1. I can understand your concern as my Potato does not have a large vocab. My pediatrician did not scare me like yours has though. He told me that Potato will talk when he is ready and as long as your little one can display his feelings or needs then he is on the right track. Hugs to you mommy!

  2. Try not to think of it as a pediatrician trying to worry you. I'm a speech pathologist, and it's extremely likely that he'll catch up without any assitance. However, if he does have some degree of hearing loss, the earlier it is caught, the better the prognosis. Ruling out hearing loss should be an immediate step following any hint of concern. A "wait and see" approach may sound more comforting initially but has the potential to cause harm. I'm so glad you decided to schedule an appointment, "just in case."