Monday, June 14, 2010

We moved in

I can't believe that we haven't posted yet about the new house. Nate was living in the new house starting April 5th. We closed on April 2nd and Nate's new job started right after that. Ever since we have closed on the house, we have made this house our own. We started with the guest room, painting it a pretty yellow. My vision is to make it a Beachy room so we can finally hang up our frames and art that we bought in Jamaica. We currently have a full size bed in it. Thats it. Its currently storage for boxes that w are too lazy to unpack right now.
I have not done a lot to it but this is what it looks like now.

Jacob's room is almost complete. We threw away the Jacob letters that were above his bed and we are ordering other pictures to hang there. Also, we bought him a new and better crib because he other one did not make the move.

The guest bathroom/Jacob's bathroom is almost complete as well. Just waiting for a couple of pictures that i bought on The color/theme was a hard decision. Should we do a nice and calm looking guest bath or a kids bath since its jacob's bathroom too. We decided to make it a kids bathroom since he will be using it more. I love monkeys so of course the theme is MOnkeys.

We have not painted our bedroom yet so pics to com later.

Our Bathroom theme is Blue and brown. We painted the room blue and have brown accessories. It looks really cute. Art and pictures will be hung up and we will be putting up a shower door as well.

When I get pictures and art up in the living room/hallway I will post pics.
My parents bought us a patio set for a house warming gift. I love it and its really comfortable even without cushions.

Jacob has adjusted very well to the new house. I was a little worried about him not sleeping well but we had no problems. He is a ton of room to run around and it tuckers him out quickly. Also, Dolly has a ton of room to run around outside and has already lost some weight.
We love this house and it is the perfect fit. Our neighbors on both sides are so nice and are second fathers to us (kind of). They help us with anything we need help with. They know that we are first time home buyers and we have no idea what we are doing.
More pics to come soon!

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