Friday, December 25, 2009

Jacob in motion

While Erin and Jacob are on their whirlwind tour of Texas, I figured now would be a good time to clean out the video camera. All four of these videos are really cute and worth watching from start to finish, especially the third one.

If an object is sturdy, Jacob will climb on it. If an object's not sturdy, Jacob will climb on it. He pulls himself up on tables, couches, people, our dog, you name it. He's learned to grip our clothing to help anchor himself. Once he's upright, he stays that way until his little legs give out. And then he's right back up.

Jacob's showing early signs he'll be giving the heater to the big boys. He loves to throw things and knock down blocks. That's my boy.

This has become my favorite video. Not only can Jacob grab tiny Cheerios, he knows to put them in his mouth and chew. Well, I guess that latter part really isn't that grandeur of a talent considering he puts everything in his mouth. What's so amazing about this feat, though, is his ability to utilize fine motor skills to grab these minuscule objects. A lot of the time, though, he'll just paw at the objects with his chubby little hands, drag them to the edge of the tray and clasp them before falling to the ground, where Dolly sadly awaits.

Oh, and Erin's trained, er, taught Jacob to give high fives. It's so damn adorable, it'll slap you silly with a fistful of warm fuzzies.

This video focuses more on Dolly's skiddish reaction to a roomful of balloons, but you can see Jacob crawling around. We bought the balloons for a really cute New Year's photo, which will posted at that time.

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